Since Flow-Tech Home was first introduced in 2011, the manufacturer has consistently monitored system installations and looked for opportunities to improve design and function. In 2015, the EXT model was introduced to meet the demand for a waterproof application and a more aesthetically pleasing design.  One challenge remained with the need to ensure proper grounding for the system to function optimally.

The new MAX model still serves the same function of preventing scale formation, but updated technology gives it the ability to overcome and adjust to a wider range of electrical ground conditions, which has been the primary affecting variable encountered in residential applications. There are various factors that determine ground readings in a home, and while the previous models had the ability to increase signal strength to overcome poor grounding, they were unable to tell the installer or the homeowner when there was a grounding issue without the use of testing instruments and the knowledge of how to interpret the readings. The MAX overcomes this issue by providing user-friendly readings from start-up on an enclosed digital screen that displays system diagnostics. The system can now alert installers and users of ground issues and assure that the system is always running properly. The unit’s new flanged design, waterproof exterior with internal power supply, and extended signal wire and power cord add to the ease of installation.

MAXimum Confidence: The addition of a self-diagnostic function to the unit, utilizing digital display, gives the technician information regarding the environment of ground without the requirement of additional equipment,  alerting the user when there are potential challenges.  The continual screen readings will help customers to better understand what the system is doing.

MAXimum Effectiveness: Using improved manufacturing capabilities, we were able to modify how the signal is produced and provide even more signal strength when needed.

MAXimum Efficiency: The MAX, with a waterproof, dust-resistant enclosure, is even more space-efficient than our previous waterproof model, the EXT.

MAXimum Protection: The MAX has the ability to measure any resistance its signal encounters and adjust signal strength to provide optimum output for each home.

MAXimum Value: We have gone to great lengths to provide a superior unit while keeping the price within the purchasing range of your average customer.