Flow Tech Reviews:

Greg C , Romona, California

“The Flow-Tech Home Anti-scale system I installed in my house has worked so well, I have zero water spots on my glass shower doors and I have not done anything except spray water on them after showering to rinse of splashed soap from them. Over a year of not even a squeegee. Zero cleaning solutions. I am on “city water” which is hard as hell. The effluent waste water from the GAC canister is sent to my landscape and the plants drink it up as I save water, so zero waste, no salt. My dishwasher delivers spotless dishes w/o and rinse additive. Wife is happy, I am happy, I do not know about this on well water, but I am confident anyone would be very pleased with the results of the Pro Tech / Plumbers choice product on city water in their house. After being a licensed contractor for 38 yrs. as a Landscape, irrigation, pool, solar, plumbing contractor I have been to many trade shows and seen many claims. This system is everything the mfgr. claims it to be. ”

Sydney R , Katy, Texas

“I had my Flow-Tech installed in October 2011. I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because I had too much scale build up in my water. Flow-Tech Home has definitely enhanced the quality of the water and eliminated the need to continue replacing faucets. ”

Karen R, San Antonio, Texas

“I had my Flow-Tech installed in July 2013. I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because my plumbing company recommended it. Flow-Tech Home has Improved the operation of my appliances by eliminating the hard water scale. ”

Patti O, Richmond, Texas

“I had my Flow-Tech installed in May 2013. I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because the plumbing company sold the benefits. Flow-Tech Home has improved quality of my water. ”

Teresa C, Katy, Texas

“I had my Flow-Tech installed in November 2013. I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because we have hard water in our area water system. Flow-Tech Home has helped us as a water softener for our home. ”

Michael M, Lakeside, California

“I had my Flow-Tech installed in April 2013. I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because I had signs and symptoms of hard water scale all throughout my house. I wanted a “green” product that I did not have to maintain. I like that it makes my whole plumbing system run efficiently and could prolong the life of my appliances. Flow-Tech Home has it has stopped scale from building up on my faucets and fixtures. The small amount I do see wipes off very easily. Our soap lathers better and the water feels better. ”

Leonard D, Katy, Texas

“I had my Flow-Tech installed in March 2013. I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because I want to protect my appliances from hard water deposits and to reduced scaling in bath/shower. I did not want to install a water softener which is more maintenance. Flow-Tech Home has made it easier to clean shower/bath and has prevented calcium deposits in plumbing and appliances. ”

Jim C, Prescott, Arizona

“I had my Flow-Tech Home installed in June 2013. I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because of a dealer recommendation and personal research. Flow-Tech Home has been great! ”

Brent G, Chula Vista, California

“I had my Flow-Tech installed in July 2013. I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because we needed good water and it seemed the most practical, efficient, and cost effective. Flow-Tech Home has allowed us easy access to worry-free clean water which is essential to health issues in our household. ”

Arlie S, Carlsbad, California

“I had my Flow-Tech installed in October 2013 in our home’s garage. I chose to get the Flow-Tech Whole House Water Filter and Anti-Scale system because it was recommended by my plumbing maintenance provider as a good way of removing chlorine and other chemicals / hard minerals from my water. Also, the website provided a good overview of the technology and applicability to my situation. Flow-Tech has greatly improved the quality of my drinking water. ”

Evelyn M, Austin, Texas

“I had my Flow-Tech installed in November 2013. I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because it will keep my pipes clean of gunk and flowing smoothly. Flow-Tech Home has helped with water flow. ”

Kay H, Houston, Texas

“I had my Flow-Tech installed in June 2013. I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because I wished to avoid hard water stains on expensive faucets and glass walled showers. The water softener was disconnected because salt corroded the galvanized pipes. Flow-Tech has a compromise solution: neutralizing minerals in water without use of salt. Once Larry with Affordable Quality Plumbing installed a booster to the electrical connection, the system worked perfectly. Flow-Tech Home is free of hard water stains at present. We are grateful to Larry of Affordable Quality Plumbing for informing us of the advantages of this system and installing it for us. ”

Ira O, Mill Valley, California

“I chose to get a Flow-Tech Home because my plumber recommended it. Flow-Tech Home has less scale build up in our flash heater. ”

Scott U, San Diego Area, California

“We wanted to bring you up to date on the installation of your Flow-­‐Tech Home Anti-­‐scale System and its performance. We had the device installed in June of 2011. We have a well system located in an external “well house” and our problem was a very high silica count in the otherwise excellent water. We were able to place your device on the pipe coming from the well prior to the line splitting to the house and separate landscape system. Thus, all water inside and outside is treated. Since the installation, over a year ago, we have noticed virtually no permanent silica deposits. Prior to installation, if the glass shower doors were not squeegeed after each use a white film would appear and require extensive work to remove. This situation has not reappeared since the installation of your device! We are very satisfied customers especially since your product solved our problem for less than 50% of the whole house water system estimate received from one of your competitors.”

Franco T, San Deigo Area, California

“I can’t say enough about the Flow-­‐Tech Home anti-­‐scale system. While I admit I was skeptical at first, I found the ability to test and show signal through the water system really impressive. In the coming months I was frequently reassured it worked due to the change in spotting on shower enclosures and dishes. Even evaporative spotting wiped clean easily. But it was just recently I became truly convinced of the viability of this product. When I went to clean my humidifier, which had previously been a scale creating machine, I found absolutely no scale build up and even the preexisting system was descaled leaving the water milky in appearance. I recommend the Flow-­‐Tech Home system to anyone looking for a water softener alternative to use.”

Annie K, Nashville, Tennessee

“We had our Flow-­‐Tech Home whole house water filtration system installed last spring and it was a painless procedure. We immediately followed the installation of the filter with the installation of the Flow-­‐Tech Home Anti-­‐scale system. We really enjoy the water and the systems’ convenience. It truly does taste even better then bottled water. It is also so low maintenance we forget we even have the system. We are so glad we got the system and that it really delivers on what we were promised.”

Peter L, San Francisco Area, California

“We have had a Flow-­‐Tech Home whole house carbon filter installed since June of 2012. Cheyenne, my lovely wife, has become a raving fan. She tells everyone how great it is to shower in fresh filtered water without worry about all of the contaminants you could be inhaling. I have to admit I love it too.”

Drayton H, Durango, Colorado

“I want to thank [Plumber’s Choice] for their excellent customer service. I was experiencing hard water problems in my household and [Plumber’s Choice] went out of their way to help me. These days it is getting hard to find good customer service, but [Plumber’s Choice] is the best, keep up the good work!”

Joe H, Nashville, TN

“We have had the Whole House Water Filter installed in our home for almost a year now and we have never had better water. I feel confident that the water we are using in our home for showers, to cook and to drink is clean and healthy. The drinking water has an improved taste right out of the tap. The soap in our showers and baths makes more suds than ever. As parents of three young children, a whole house water filter was the right choice for our family.”

Joel S, Nashville, TN

“Our Flow-­‐Tech Home anti-­‐scale systems and whole house filter had been on our wish list for a while. Now I only wish we had made it more of a priority sooner. The peace of mind that comes from knowing all of the water in our home is filtered is priceless. The anti-­‐scale systems benefits were a less noticeable until I realized a year later I still had not had to clean my showerhead or faucet sprayer. I’m confident it works and love the fact that I never even have to think about it.”

Joel S
Nashville, TN